Onatech Group, partner of CNPE

Onatech Groupe, partner of CNPE Cameroun
Mr. Doriant Kamsu, Head of Onatech Groupe LLC

The Onatech group, based in the United States and headed by Doriant Kamsu, has expressed its willingness to support young Cameroonian entrepreneurs in the agri-food sector by offering them training in American standards, exporting and product labelling. “There are programmes in the United States that finance products, especially when they are promising. There are US government programmes that make it easier to import and export products. That’s one of the reasons why we came to Cameroon to try and see how we can help all those who want to get started and target the American market”, explains the entrepreneur. Onatech’s aim is to set up a training unit for young Cameroonian entrepreneurs working in the SME and agri-food sectors, and to see how we can support them.

This support, which will benefit small local producers and exporters through Onatech, is in fact a spin-off from the many activities carried out by the Centre National de Promotion des Echanges (CNPE). In this case, the Amafor Forum organised by the Centre in December 2023 in Atlanta, Georgia, with the significant participation of Onatech Groupe. 

The CNPE is delighted with this partnership, which will benefit small local producers and exporters. “The partner we have on our doorstep today is a catch-all. It’s up to the CNPE and its other partners to organise the local production of these small structures. We think this is a great opportunity for our small producers. We are targeting small producers. Small exporters will receive training. Onatech, which is here, is asking us to organise them, and the funding will follow so that they can produce well”, declared Samuel Moli, President of the CNPE.

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