Participation of the CNPE in the Advocacy of Farmers’ Organizations under the coordination of the CNOP-CAM from 26 to 27 May 2021 in the town of MFOU, Central Region, Cameroon

This meeting under the aegis of the Concertation Nationale des Organisations Paysannes du Cameroun (CNOP-CAM) with the technical support of the Plateforme Régionale des Organisations Paysannes d’Afrique Centrale (PROPAC-CEEAC/CEMAC) had the following objectives:

  • To enlighten the farmers’ organisations on the accompanying measures proposed by the public authorities and development partners to support the agricultural sector in the face of the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic,
  • To sensitize and inform the authorities and development partners on the importance of increasing the involvement of farmers’ organizations in the policies for the fight and management of health crises, particularly COVID-19, for a more competitive and sustainable productive family farming;
  • Seize this opportunity to disseminate the national law on public subsidies to agricultural producers in order to enhance their value for food security and sustainable nutritional sovereignty.

The meeting was organised as a working group and was attended by Producer Organisations federated into associations and various community-based organisations (CBOs):

  1.  The sectoral ministries in charge of SMEs, Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries, Economy and Land Management, Local Development and Decentralisation, Public Health and Civil Protection.
  2. Those responsible for programmes and projects financed by donors such as IFAD, UNDP, FAO, EU, ADB, WB, AFD, etc.
  3. Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) such as CNPE, MBOUSCUDA, INADES-FORMATION, PLANOPAC, etc.
    The plea was addressed to the Cameroonian government with the recommendations made by these working groups.

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